Kunchana was trying to teach me Krav-Maga since a few years now and it was never the right moment for me… did not have time, was super busy with work, etc… etc… and finally one day I started the training! Best decision ever!

Krav-Maga, if properly taught, is a rather easy to learn self-defense tool, but not only. Just after a few training sessions I had acquired already simple and effective automatic defense reflexes and greater awareness of the dangers around me (and as a woman you have quite a few these days). The simplicity of Krav-Maga lays in the fact that it is not a conventional martial art but a modern, smart and adaptable all-round discipline.

A lot of people claim to be Krav-Maga instructors but very few really are. Kunchana is a real professional (with an impressive resume), dedicated and passionate about this amazing discipline.

As a teacher he is patient and respectful and shows a lot of consideration or appreciation. Humble and kind, very respectful and innovative, he has committed a great deal of his time and energy for the greater good. He is involved in a lot of meaningful social projects for underprivileged children and abused women.

He is a truly real Sensei.

Thank you Kunchana!

Master Kunchana, is a "no-nonsense" Krav Maga instructor, which is exactly what Krav Maga is about. Minimum time, maximum impact. He is a great instructor, and has the patience for those who really need it but is not someone who will tolerate laziness or mischief. "Disce aut discede".

I have been following martial arts from a young age .But I never came across this form of self defence which amazed me and attracted me to learn.krav maga teaches very important self defence for our daily life which you could really apply unlike the traditional martial arts !