Military Training

KMKLI’s Krav Maga Military Training Programme is an adaptation of the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) and is tailored to help members of armed forces to take action during high levels of stress, under adverse conditions.

We help prepare soldiers physically and mentally in

  • hand-to-hand combat,
  • armed and unarmed fighting techniques,
  • team coordination and
  • self defence,

through simulations that are created to maximise efficiency and the ability to execute in high stress situations.

While extremely effective, the Krav Maga Military Programme is designed to be learnt in a relatively short span of time and train large numbers of personnel at one time.

Each session is tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the unit/division following an extensive analysis of the training requirements.

Our team has worked closely with the Sri Lanka Army, Air Force and specialised military units in Europe and Asia and has ensured each unit operates at an elite level.