Corporate Training

What does your workplace have in common with a battlefield? 

For starters, they require you to


  • Operate amidst high levels of stress,
  • Make quick decisions with limited information,
  • Think outside the box,
  • Function as a team or manage a team,
  • Be assertive,
  • Motivate yourself when things are looking bleak,
  • Adapt to and manage change,
  • Manage your time,
  • Deal with burnout and anger,
  • Manage conflicts,
  • Achieve set objectives/goals and much more.


KMKLI’s Corporate Training sessions teach you to apply the concepts and techniques employed in Krav Maga at your workplace, across the organization or within specific departments.

The structure and content of our Corporate Training sessions will be discussed with you in detail to deliver a 100% tailored session that will help achieve your objectives.

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