Tired of doing endless hours of cardio?

Does the thought of hitting the gym make you cringe?

That’s why we launched Krav Maga Fitness – a conditioning programme centred on Krav Maga’s lightening fast moves and super-effective workouts.

A favourite of military forces and law enforcement officers worldwide, Krav Maga, provides diverse strength and conditioning exercises that not only improve your self defence capabilities, but burn fat and shape your body.

In order to help you build a better body and stronger character, our programme utilises

  • indoor and outdoor workouts,
  • elements of CrossFit,
  • fighting drills,
  • stretching and
  • heavy-bag training.

The result – an amazing body, rejuvenated spirit and the capability to take care of yourself in case danger presents itself!

Whether you are a newbie to fitness or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find our Krav Maga Fitness programme to challenge you to push yourself beyond what you thought was possible.

Yes, your muscles will burn.

Your body will refuse to move.

Your mind will say “Enough”.

But, you will burn fat.

You will learn to protect yourself.

You will get into the best shape of your life.

And the effort will be worth the results.

Find out for yourself by clicking here and signing up for a FREE session!