Empowering STF through Krav Maga: A Decade of Achievements!

Established in 2011, Krav Maga Sri Lanka (Krav Maga Kapap Lanka International) has been a pioneer in introducing the Krav Maga Kapap or Israeli hand-to-hand combat system to Sri Lanka. Our visionary founder, Master Sathis Thiramunige, laid the foundation for a journey that has transformed self-defense in our nation.
Over the years, we’ve collaborated with esteemed institutions such as the Special Task Force (STF), Presidential Security Division, Navy Marines, Army Commando Brigade, Army Special Forces, Sri Lanka Customs , Police college and the Prison Department. Our commitment to imparting effective self-defense and unarmed combat skills has been unwavering.
The Senior DIG and Commandant of STF, Mr. Waruna Jayasundara, recognized the value of integrating Krav Maga into official training programs. This marked a turning point, solidifying Krav Maga as an essential part of STF’s skill set. The official inclusion in the STF basic syllabus was made possible with the blessing of SDIG Mr. Waruna Jayasundara, who understood the practical need for a real self-defense system aligned with the rigorous demands of their duties.
Our collaboration has been instrumental in enhancing STF’s capabilities, ensuring that our nation’s protectors are equipped with cutting-edge techniques for real-world scenarios. This significant achievement reflects the foresight and dedication of all involved.
Training future protectors, we’ve successfully trained 12 instructors at the Training School, contributing to the skill development of upcoming STF intakes.
This milestone stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in Krav Maga training. We’re proud of the progress made, and we look forward to continuing our journey of empowering individuals through the art of self-defense.
Thank you to SDIG Mr. Waruna Jayasundara and all those who have been part of this transformative journey. Here’s to the next decade of empowerment and success!