Customized self-defense program for Sri Lanka Customs.

We are proud to contribute to our motherland’s security by undertaking a customized self defense program for Sri Lanka Customs. As per SL Customs this is the first program in its history to be conducted and we are honored to have been selected as a trusted partner.
We are proud to be the only entity in Sri Lanka that has trained all elite military combat units within the armed forces and law enforcement units such as Police College, STF , Prison Department & PSD.
Special thanks is extended to the Special Task Force head of administration deputy commandant SSP Athula Davulugala, for recommending us to SL Customes and Additional Director General of SL Customs Mr Roy Ranarajah for all hard work that you have done to introduce Krav Maga Self defense system to SL Customs.
Also we would like to thank our chairman master Sathis Thiramunige for your guidance to develop the customized program for Customs. Our Director and Chief Instructor Kunchana Ranasinghe and Instructor Sandunil Edirisinghe conducted this 12 hour program.
We look forward to conducting similar customized programs and continuing our journey to protect and empower our nation. ????????