Krav Maga training in France with legendary Master Roy Elghanayan in May 2017.

Roy Elghanayan, the only person to be twice named Israeli Krav Maga National Champion, is recognized worldwide as the preeminent expert in authentic Israeli Krav Maga. Certified by the Israeli Defense Forces and the Military Training base Wingate Institute (Bahad 8)to teach Krav Maga in 2004, Roy’s innovations and skills have earned him the honor of being named the only representative of true Israeli Krav Maga in Los Angeles by Israel’s leading Krav Maga expert, 8th degree Black Belt Master Mati Elyashiv. While serving in the Israeli Special Forces, Roy was hand-picked to create a Krav Maga Defense Tactics Program for elite units and divisions that is still in use today. He has also been personally recognized by the 18th Chief of Staff (Dan Halutz) of the Israeli Defense Forces for his abilities in hand to hand combat.